King’s Kids Academy exists to LEAD students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, EQUIP them with a Christian-centered education, and BUILD them up to their full potential committed to changing the world for Christ.


1. Integrating biblical truth into every area of the curriculum

2. Using curriculum and teaching that will uphold the traditional family, the dignity of life, the biblically-ordained institutions of marriage, family, church and government

3. Using curriculum and teaching that will unite science and faith

4. Using curriculum and teaching that reinforce a strong work ethic

5. Using curriculum and teaching that is biblically and developmentally appropriate



*There are sibling discounts available. If you have multiple children enrolled the discounts are as followed:

-1st Child: Full Tuition

-2nd Child: 10% Off Academy Tuition

-3rd Child & More: 15% Off Academy Tuition

Senior Pastors & Founders: Dick & Beth Button

Academy Director: Tyler Zupcic

Academy Learning Coach: Anita Malpass 

Academy Assistant Learning Coach: Pastor Jennifer Volpe

Faith Education Coordinator: Racheal Zupcic

Children’s Pastors & King’s Kids Summer Camp & Afterschool Directors: Scott & Hailey Saba

*For questions please contact us at 843-215-7895 or email us at academy@beachfamily.info